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• 6/12/2016

Wiki Update

Nice to have some java around the place now isn’t it? Got some good work in today.

  • Fixed the Bureaucrat Profile Masthead Issue
  • Added some custom Profile Masthead Tags. See below for more info
  • Added additional Infobox User Template for use on User Pages
  • Rectified tiny problem with Infobox Template label tags
  • Deleted the starter-kit useless Infoboxes (they should disappear from the insert menu soon)

Now we have custom Java we can add as many custom Profile Masthead Tags to our profiles as we want. I’ve already given all the Bureaucrats a bit of a nickname tag to display as an example. If any of you want to change it or add more tags, simply edit MediaWiki:ProfileTags and follow the examples. Easy as can be.


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• 6/12/2016

Cheers, mate. I appreaciate your work. The Userbox template looks good.

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