The Alien Abduction is a false myth in Red Dead Redemption II. The myth involves a UFO allegedly appearing in The Heartlands region of New Hanover, abducting a man into the ship.


On Novemeber 11, 2018, YouTube user litdunker04 uploaded a 20 second video with his phone of a third UFO sighting he had discovered (at the time, the two previous UFO sightings were found by players and myth hunters) that appeared to show a UFO in The Heartlands abducting an unidentified human. He also posted an image of a drawing that protagonist Arthur Morgan had supposedly drawn in his journal. Most players believed this was genuine, as the UFO in the video was spinning onscreen and the drawing looked like the other drawings Arthur draws throughout the game.

Players and myth hunters alike tried their hardest to replicate the UFO abduction, with no luck. Some players believed that the human abducted by the UFO was in fact Michael de Santa from Grand Theft Auto V, as upon climbing the hill the abduction supposedly took place on, Arthur Morgan can find a dead body that somewhat resembles the dead body of Michael upon killing him in one of the endings of GTA V. Also, upon looting the dead body, Arthur can obtain the Epsilon Program necklace, also from GTA V.

Some time after uploading the video, litdunker04 admitted that the video he uploaded was actually fake, and proved this with a video uploaded on November 14 that showed how he faked the video and drawing. He revealed that he had actually inserted a 3D model of a UFO into the frame, and revealed he actually drew the drawing of the UFO abduction himself.