This article may potentially contain spoilers on the story campaign of Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC. Please do not read the article, unless you have finished the story of the DLC.

The Undead are mythical creatures in Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC.


The Undead, like the name implies are deceased people summoned back to life with an ancient Aztec Mask by Abraham Reyes, who found the mask in catacombs under Escalera. Abraham, thinking the mask he found would grant him invincibility and unlimited power, stole the mask from the catacombs, but instead unleashed a curse across Nuevo Paraiso, New Austin and West Elizabeth. Since the Undead are stuck between life and death, they are extremely difficult to kill. The only methods of killing the Undead are by shooting them in the head, burning them or ramming them with either War or Death horses. A bite of the Undead will cause the victim of the bite to be infected and turn into one of them, although the Undead are also implied by Ayauhtéotl to act on their own accord and not want to turn back into the living.

Types of Undead

Throughout the Undead Nightmare DLC, the player may encounter 4 different types of the Undead, those being:

Regular Undead

The regular undead are regular zombies. They do not display any special characteristics and will just walk towards the player to attack him or run at him if the player is at a close range.


The bolters, like regular Undead, will walk around groups, but will launch at the player on all fours to attack him.


The bruisers are the fat and slow type of undead. They charge at the player from a distance and are easy to spot in groups. It is recommended to take them out first when facing a group of the undead, as if they manage to charge at the player, they may knock him down, giving a chance to the rest of the group to gang up on him.


The retchers are differenciated by their green glow. They will spit poisonous goo at the player if at a close enough range, which will cause damage (or will stun the player if playing as Zombie Marston).