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The Vampire of Saint Denis is a mythical creature found in Red Dead Redemption II.


The vampire appears to somewhat resemble Graf Orlok, a character which appears in the legendary 1922 silent horror film, Nosferatu.

The vampire can be found, sucking blood from one of its' victims in an alleyway in the south-eastern part of Saint Denis, after the player has found and inspected five mysterious writings on the walls in the city. Upon finding the vampire, the player can either antagonize him or defuse the situation. Regardless of player's choice, the vampire will attack the player with an Ornate dagger, which will kill them in one hit.

Writings on the Wall

Five mysterious writings on the wall could be found across the massive city of Saint Denis, which gives the player vague directions to find the vampire.

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Clue 5



  • Looting the vampire will reward player with two bat wings and a single piece of stringy meat. Additionally, the player can collect the unique Ornate dagger, which the vampire uses to attack the player.
  • If the player hogties the vampire with the lasso, then cuts him loose, the vampire will continue to attack the player and will knock them dead from a single punch.