Unnamed Man is a mythical character in Red Dead Revolver.


The Unnamed Man can be encountered during Chapter 4 in the train heading to Brimstone. Although the man has no influence on the story of the game, his appearance may have served as the inspiration for a mythical / Stranger character in Red Dead Redemption, the Strange Man. Their clothing is very similar; both are dressed in a fully black attire, with a white dress shirt underneath their dress coats, a tophat and both men have walrus moustaches, although the Unnamed Man appears stockier than his supposed counterpart. The Unnamed Man states he is heading to Brimstone to pursue a banking career, while the Strange Man in Red Dead Redemption claims to be an accountant. The Unnamed Man seems to stay calm during the train robbery that occurs during the chapter, and the man also remains calm when Red Harlow is forced to murder the bandit robbing the traincar they were travelling in. While it's most likely a coincidence that the characters resemble each other, there's still a slight chance that Rockstar San Diego used this character's likeness for the Strange Man.